50 Healthy Party Food Recipes To Make Your Paleo Holidays A Success!

Healthy party food?

I can hear the sound of a million rolling eyeballs as I type that. But, seriously, there is definitely a middle ground to be found when it comes to healthy party food – somewhere between the cheese product dips and the funny flavored chips no one wants to eat. Maybe over there by great aunt Edna, who you’re always trying to avoid, especially when she brings that suspicious looking dip every darn year.

Holiday season is truly upon us now and before you know it, you too will be donning your favorite clothes and probably hanging out with some of your not so favorite people. Work functions, I’m lookin’ at you. But don’t worry! You CAN actually show up to your latest shindig with food that you can eat – while still being tasty enough that people don’t treat you like you bought another prepackeaged vegetable tray. DOWN with sad pre cut vegetables, low fat dip and gut-wrenching gluten bombs! Bring any one of these 50 healthy party food treats – drinks included! – and be known as the person who shares delicious food!

50 Healthy Party Food Recipes to make your Paleo, Primal & Real Food Holidays a Success! - http://meatified.com

Just maybe don’t bore them all with how it’s paleo, primal and grain free. Not even great aunt Edna wants to listen to that.

The other advantage of this awesome roundup of healthy party food recipes? Everything is either bite size or will fit on one of those obnoxiously small party plates that’s really too small to fit the food you want onto but impossible to balance. Especially while you’re holding a drink and trying to evade people you don’t want to speak to.

I included as many ridiculously cute mini adorable tasty things in this healthy party food recipe roundup as I could. You’re welcome!

Healthy Party Food Recipes: Savory

I know I’m in the minority, but since I’m not too much of a sweet tooth girl, I went a bit crazy rounding up all of these savory healthy party food recipes.

I can’t help myself.

Healthy Party Food Recipes: Sweet

Just because I said we were going to be healthy this holiday season, doesn’t mean we can’t have a few treats here and there. Plus, sharing is caring, so bring a platter of some of these delicious healthy party food sweet thangs with you – and prepare to be popular!

Healthy Party Food Recipes: Uh, I mean Drinks!

Everybody needs a little liquid courage at some of these things. Or liquid patience. Or, heck, just liquid deliciousness.

That’s why my healthy party food recipes roundup totally includes drinks.

So which of these healthy party food recipes are you going to make first? Tell me!

And if you need more inspiration…

Paleo Happy Hour Sml

Check out Paleo Happy Hour! This book has over 100 recipes ranging from Jalapeno Bacon Poppers and Smoked Salmon Bites with Lemon-Dill Aioli to elegant small plates like Tuna Tartare Towers and Lamb Lollipops with Apricot-Balsamic Glaze. Explore classic pub grub recipes like Chicken Fingers with Honey Mustard Sauce and Orange-Chipotle Barbecue Chicken Wings, along with brunch favorites such as Herbed Biscuits with Bacon Jam.

For your sweet tooth, The Paleo Happy Hour has are decadent desserts like Cookie Dough Bonbons and Pecan Pie Bars. Discover 20+ sauces, dips, and spreads that will complement any dish. And of course Paleo Happy Hour includes plenty of drinks, from classics margaritas and martinis to fruit-filled sangrias. Finally, Kelly has pulled together 10 themed party menus that include perfectly paired appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks. Each menu has a preparation timeline to make hosting a breeze!

Check The Paleo Happy Hour out here!

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50 Healthy Party Food Recipes to make your Paleo, Primal & Real Food Holidays a Success! - http://meatified.com



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