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I don’t know about you, but I have a secret list of things that I would love to buy myself but probably never will. You know how it is: there’s always something else that you’re supposed to spend that chunk of money on. Predictably, all of my little secret “wants” are kitchen oriented: a food processor, a Vitamix, that kind of thing. But for now those things are out of my price range so I just don’t think about them too much.

But imagine if someone gave you your very own secret stash of money to spend on whatever you wanted? It could be anything at all. As long as it’s on Amazon! LOOK AT ALL THE WONDROUS POSSIBILITIES! Maybe you want something for yourself, or maybe you want to be able to buy somebody else something that you know they’ve had their heart set on for ages. Well – you may be able to make those little dreams and wishes a reality if you enter my November Giveaway for an Amazon Gift Card worth $400!

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Enter to win an Amazon Gift Card – a $400 value!

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Optional entries:

1) Leave me a comment and tell me what you would use your Amazon Gift Card to buy if you won! I’d totally treat myself to that Vitamix I’ve been eyeing! Go wander through Amazon and dream a while… then come back here to enter!

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  1. I would use it to buy equipment needed for our upcoming aquaponics garden. We are trying to become more self-sufficient and we are starting with our food.

  2. I have a long wish list on amazon to include a kindle, Le Cruset cookware, a multitude of books, an emersion blender, stuff to brew Kombucha… I would buy as much of it as possible with the gc and use some of the stuff to make homemade christmas presents.

  3. I would definitely use the gift card to buy Christmas gifts for my family! Which would be such a blessing as my husband just got laid off from work!

  4. I would buy some things for my kitchen, like a dehydrator, vitamix, food processor, or foodsaver. Or I might buy the new Bob Dylan complete box set.

  5. Some yummy paleo treats that I can’t bring myself to pay for out of my pocket and a vegetable spiral machine!

  6. i would love to buy my husband a go pro camera, and maybe get my parents something nice for christmas. and maybe a couple books for myself or something!

  7. A city mini double, lugging two babies to the bus stop daily especially in the cold is a bit much. While it seems practical I just don’t have the funds to purchase a double stroller, been trying all year.

  8. I’d put the gift card towards a new camera. Haven’t had a real camera since Munson threw it in the bathtub 2 years ago!!!! I miss my art!

  9. I would love a food processor and a dehydrator and some books I have been eyeing and some more all natural gelatin, and a ton of other things haha

  10. I wish I wish I wish! To buy a vitamix or a dehydrator along with some coconut oil and cacao beans! Love you guys for your kindness and generousity with all the giveaways!

  11. A vitamix would be awesome, but a stand mixer has been on our list for a long time…..hopefully with enough left over for a few attachements!

  12. I’d contemplate a Vitamix, but also look into getting some cast iron cookware, a dutch oven and an electric tea kettle!

  13. I have a huge Amazon wish list in my, “save for later” cart. I think I would be something from that, beginning with perfect pickler caps and a plasma car for my daughter and a few Culligan ISH-100 Level 2 Inline Shower Filters.

  14. I would love to buy a Vitamix but I would probably use the gift card to buy my family some amazing gifts they surely deserve..

  15. I just moved across the country and have yet to find a job. 🙁 So since I have about 4 weeks of money left if I won, I would use the gift card to buy some food staples from Amazon to get me through until I obtain employment.

  16. Notebooks, knitting books, kindle books, a yogurt maker, a cast iron skillet/dutch oven! Oh the possibilities!

  17. I’d love to restock my pantry as I make the switch to Paleo! It has been hard and a slow process and that would help immensely!

  18. BABY STUFF!!! We are expecting our first baby via adoption around January 4 and this gift card would be a HUGE blessing!

  19. I would like a vitamix, although there are things I probably need more so I’m not sure what I might get.

  20. I have been trying to buy a camera for a very long time now, so I would place this towards a camera purchase; a Canon DSLR. Thanks for the opportunity

  21. christmas gifts!!!!!!! omg, this would be a god-send this year!! my hubby and i haven’t exchanged gifts for years because it’s been so tight around here (first world problems, but still a bit valid). i’d get him as many special things as i could!

  22. We are in the process of moving, so there are a bunch of things I would buy! Everything from a vacuum to coconut oil 😉

  23. I would love to win the Amazon card to use the money towards a new laptop. Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. I’ve got 80-some items on my Amazon Wish List, which include supplements, home needs & Christmas presents, so I’d just have to prioritize. Thanks for the chance!!

  25. I would stock up on almond flour, coconut oil, and many other paleo goodies! And a few gadgets to make paleo treats with as well!

  26. I’d buy a food processor, since I don’t have one. And if there’s any $$ left after that, either Christmas presents for my nephews, or I’d stock up on coconut oil/milk.

  27. Christmas gifts for grandchildren; Paleo cookbooks for me; warm hat, scarf & socks for two homeless folk who “live” in my area.

  28. Honestly, with the year we have had, this would be how we could buy holiday gifts… it has been a rough one 🙂 ♥ Thanks for the chance!

  29. So many things! A boatload of cookbooks, supplements, foodstuffs that are usually beyond my budget, a veggie spiralizer, some toys for my kiddo’s and something for my hubby too!

  30. I would buy christmas presents for my family and friends. My little sister would get some fashionable item and I could get older sister something in preparation for college. My dad and mom would get a new pans

  31. I have a whole dream list of things I’d love to buy on If I won the gift card, I think I would want to buy a grain grinder so I could grind my own gluten-free grain for my family and save lots of $ long term.

  32. I’ve had my eye on a Nest Thermostat, The Drunken Botanist, The Beekeeper’s Bible, and a compact system camera for a while now. I’d love to be able to get most off that list! I used to want a food vacuum sealer too, but I managed to find one at a yard sale… some kind of miracle!

  33. There are many things I can think of to spend 400 usd on … such as this kenwood i have been saving up for for a while …
    or a grill pan, a pressure cooker, books about herbalism and wild foraging, or i could spend part on my sister that just got a baby and just bought a house, or my other sister that just acquired her house, or my parents that are living off a small pension and always could use a few things too .. plenty of ideas …

  34. I will probably buy some clothes and shoes and some Christmas presents for my friends and my family:)

  35. What wouldn’t I buy with this gift card! Lol. Christmas gifts for my two girls. They come first! And if I had any left over money? Some paleo books…in print…..I’ve been wanting to own.

  36. Gelatin! And raw cacao powder! And every other paleo delicious ingredient I have in my Amazon cart at the moment but can’t afford to buy all at once. And maybe, with that much…I would just buy a blendtec because I want one so bad

  37. Christmas presents! I was planning on homemade ones this year then I got a job and my “free time” is GONE!

  38. I would buy the amazing Breville Sous Chef Food Processor!!! It’s $400 on Amazon right now. I am converting to an AIP lifestyle and don’t have hours and hours to hand chop/slice/cut/dice everything! This would simplify my world 1,000%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. I would purchase holiday gifts! Probably a few spiralizers since all of my friends are loving my noodle posts!

  40. I would get… TBD. 😉 We may or may not be purchasing a home (eek!) so… get the home? home things. Like… we’ll need a rug. No home? then probably get travel snacks, really. Like kind bars and what not, cause we are on the go-go-go and I am often hungry…

  41. I have an ongoing wish list of different foods, kitchen gadgets and cookbooks that I would buy. I really want a vitamix too but I think since I don’t have much money right now it would be better used purchasing more items. Then I can save for the vitamix later!!

  42. I would buy Le Creuset cookware and an immersion blender! My amazon wish list is way toooo long. It’d be nice to cut it down a little :).

  43. Oh My.. I would buy all of those things I need in my kitchen to stay healthy.. Coconut Oil, Coconut Oil, Coconut Flour, Great Lakes Gelatin, Stevia.. All of the things in my wish list on Amazon..

  44. I would purchase a kit for Kombucha and some baby stuff. My daughter will be here sometime in the next 4 weeks. So excited!

  45. I would buy some new workout clothes, and a blender so I can start making healthy smoothies!

    Or maybe an iPad & screen protector so I can check out recipes while I’m in the kitchen cooking!

  46. There’s a cookbook I want… the rest I would use to buy gifts for my family. I would love to have money to buy something for my husband. He wouldn’t be expecting it!

  47. I would put half towards a kitchenaid stand mixer and half towards Christmas presents! A kindle for my dad and a knife set for my husband!

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