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In case you missed my announcement earlier on in the week… I’m lucky enough to be writing a cookbook! I am beyond excited by this, as you can imagine – but even more so because it is going to be a cookbook featuring 100% Autoimmune Paleo recipes. I’m thrilled to be able to contribute even just a little to helping people follow the Autoimmune Protocol while still eating delicious AND nutritious food!

Behind The Book Week 1 from

Want to see what I’m up to?

I’ve already been working on the first round of recipe testing – there haven’t been any duds yet, phew! I’ve been posting some of my “behind the scenes” shots over on my Instagram account because it’s so easy and quick to do so. But for those of you not on Instagram, here’s a little sneak peek of some of the images I’ve been sharing. And even if you DO follow my Instagram account, these “Behind The Book” posts will have a little more detail about the recipes than I can fit into an Instagram post!

Behind The Book: Chicken Curry & "Rice" from

This was the first successful recipe I tested – an Autoimmune Paleo compliant Chicken Curry that has no seed spices OR nightshades, but still has the tasty warmth I was looking to recreate. In the background is a spiced lemon “rice” dish to go with it. I’m so proud of this one that it is KILLING me to save it for the book! But it will be worth it, I pinky promise.

Behind The Book: Slow Cooker Breakfast Meatloaf with Cherry Sauce from

Remember my Slow Cooker Breakfast Meatloaf? I always loved that recipe as it made breakfast so easy: just cook it up in the slow cooker, then slice it in the mornings and reheat. Easy! The down side? It wasn’t suitable for Autoimmune Paleo because I’d included eggs and almond flour. Bummer. So here it is, reworked and topped with a cherry sauce. I’m not quite done with this recipe, though. Next time, I’m going to make it and see if I can get that sauce to hold as a glaze!

Behind The Book: Caramelized Plantain Sundae from

Lastly.. how about a little dessert? Here’s my take on a banana split, featuring caramelized plantains and a few other surprises! There won’t be a lot of desserts with added sweeteners – this one is an exception since it is finished with a little honey drizzle.

What do you think so far?

Would you like to see more from “Behind The Book”? Or do you have any recipe requests? Let me know!

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  1. Well, that AIP curry was worth the wait. Oh my!! It’s delicious. Had it for dinner and am looking forward to having the leftovers tomorrow for breakfast. Can’t wait!

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