No one cares; and that’s actually pretty awesome

No one cares; and why that's actually pretty awesome: autoimmunity, the hustle and self care from http://meatified.comm

So here’s the thing with the internet. Half the time I feel like it’s yelling at me. Do more. Write more. Blog more. Photograph more. Hustle more. Create more. Post more. Be ALL THE THINGS more. And so, without realizing quite how much I’m internalizing all those “more” messages, I pop myself right back onto […]

Operation Be More Me: Or, Post The Damn Potato

How date night inspired me to find my voice, worry less and find my people. (Hint: they're probably not wearing pants).

So yesterday evening, I shared a photo on my Instagram of our at home date night dinner. One that I wouldn’t usually post because – gasp! – there was a POTATO in it! Yes! A totally non AIP tuber! Now before you all freak out over potential foodie fraud, that’s not the direction this is […]