Garlic & Chive Spread

Garlic & Chive Spread from #paleo #glutenfree #vegetarian #vegan #dairyfree

Yes, this Garlic & Chive Spread looks and acts a lot like cream cheese. But – surprise! – it’s completely dairy free. Huzzah! Now before you ask, “what is this SORCERY?!”, don’t freak out. This is actually a super simple recipe and will give you lots of dipping and smearing opportunities in your gluten and […]

Green Onion Dressing

Salad topped with Green Onion Dressing from

Green onions, spring onions, scallions… whatever name you use to describe the pretty, delicate allium, you are bound to love this Green Onion Dressing! If you’re doing a Whole30 right now, you may already be a little bored by your salad dressing choices. Olive oil & vinegar combos can get a little dull. But this […]

Paleo Hummus with Roasted Red Peppers

paleo hummus

It seems like I’ve written an awful lot about hummus on a website whose recipes don’t use beans or legumes of any kind! First I told you all about how much I used to live on the stuff in this post about my former vegetarian days, then I told you how I stumbled upon an idea […]

No Mayo Potato Salad

No Mayo (Sweet) Potato Salad from #paleo #vegan #vegetarian #cleaneating #eggfree #dairyfree

This is a vegan, egg and dairy free dish, which makes it suitable for almost everyone! I have been working on this No Mayo Potato Salad for quite some time now, wanting to evoke the creaminess or the original without relying on any kind of egg-based mayo or dairy substitutes. Using pureed soaked, raw cashews […]

No-Bean Paleo Hummus

I have actually bewailed the lack of hummus in my Paleo life before. I used to practically live on the stuff. Not only did I consider it healthy, I just adored the flavor. When I realized that I had to give up eating beans, pretty much my first thought was, “oh, no, not the hummus!”. […]

Almost Ranch Dressing

Just as Mr Meatified doesn’t consider soup worth eating unless he can practically stand a spoon up in it, so he prefers a dressing that is so thick it is almost incapable of being poured. He also hasn’t eaten ranch dressing in years, much to his horror, and I had never found a way to […]