Coconut Butter Bark, Two Ways

Want a super easy, infinitely adaptable, no added sugar necessary sweet treat? Never fear, coconut butter bark from is here! Just spread, sprinkle and chill.

Well, brace yourselves: this is probably the first treat recipe to grace this site since about 2013. Yup, twenty thirteen. The year before I wrote a cookbook and THAT feels like eons ago! I wanted to whip up something (last minute, so very last minute) that was a little sweet with a Valentine’s spin, but […]

Coconut Berry Paleo Fudge

Coconut Berry Paleo Fudge

There are plenty of Paleo Fudge recipes floating around, but lots of them are chocolate based. I wanted to make something a little lighter that would remind me more of summer, so I came up with Coconut Berry Paleo Fudge instead! This post contains affiliate links. Read what that means to you here. Since this […]

Coconut & Pecan Butter, Dip or Drizzle

Alternatively titled: How To Resurrect That Jar Of Coconut Butter You Bought But Didn’t Like. We’ve all done it. Switched brands for a better deal. And yet, even after making sure that the ingredients were the same – yep, 100% coconut pulp – something just wasn’t right. In this case, it was the texture. No […]

Paleo Sweet Potato Gratin

For years, it’s been a Thanksgiving (and Christmas!) tradition that I make a Gratin Dauphinoise for the Chief Taste Tester over here at Meatified HQ. The first year I made it, he had no idea what it was. His eyes practically rolled back in his head at first taste and every subsequent year he’d beg […]