Paleo Alfredo with Caramelized Leeks & Bacon

Paleo Alfredo with Caramelized Leeks & Bacon from #paleo #glutenfree

I know it doesn’t look like it, but this bowl of Paleo Alfredo doesn’t have even a teeny tiny bit of dairy in it. And that’s not pasta. Not even gluten free pasta. Those, my friends, are noodles made out of white sweet potato! You’ve got to love your handy dandy vegetable spiralizer, right? I […]

Lazy Oven Braised Leeks with Lemon

Lots of people seem to have yet to fall in love with leeks. They’re so often relegated to that wingman status in the kitchen, turning up in mirepoix or “bulk out this soup”-position, but never really getting any action or appreciation themselves. If they are on occasion the star ingredient, it’s usually in that oft-repeated […]