Paleo Pumpkin Pie Pudding with Maple Candied Pecans

Paleo Pumpkin Pie Pudding from

Not too long ago, I asked about people’s favorite Fall flavor on Facebook. Sadly for me, a devout apple-lover, pumpkin trounced the competition. Then I went ahead and made an Apple Pie Pudding anyway because I’m contrary like that. To make it up to pumpkin lovers everywhere, I came up with this paleo Pumpkin Pie […]

Apple Pie Pudding

Apple Pie Pudding

So apparently there are two types of people: those who pick pumpkin and those who favor apple as their favorite Fall flavor. I’m clearly in the minority as I fall into the latter category! However, while my Pinterest feed is rapidly filling up with Fall, pumpkin and the color orange, it’s still over 90F here […]

Crunchy Banana Maple Nut Free Granola

Nut Free Granola

I used to love cereal. Live on it, a lot of the time, considering that I was vegetarian and a stereotypically impoverished student. My favorites were the crunchy kinds with lots of fruit. If by fruit you mean, “freeze dried fruit-a-likes”. It’s amazing how things change. After making my Paleo Yogurt Pots, I really wanted […]

No Egg Chocolate Mousse with Black Cherry Compote

Chocolate Mousse with Cherry Compote

Not too long ago I VERY EXCITEDLY got my hands on this beautiful raw Cacao. Seeing as I bother to make dessert maybe twice a year – give or take a few birthdays where I’m pressed into service – I was determined to make ALL THE CHOCOLATEY THINGS. Then, because I have the attention span […]