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Win a $400 Amazon Gift Card from

I don’t know about you, but I have a secret list of things that I would love to buy myself but probably never will. You know how it is: there’s always something else that you’re supposed to spend that chunk of money on. And given that it is the holiday season, I never really feel justified in spending money on myself. Predictably, all of my little secret “wants” are kitchen oriented: a food processor, a Vitamix, that kind of thing. I don’t really need those things, but a girl can daydream, right?

But imagine if someone gave you your very own secret stash of money to spend on whatever you wanted? No guilt or worries, just a chunk of money that was JUST to spend on what you wanted or needed. You could get whatever you wanted, but there was one little caveat: it had to be available on Amazon! Well, you know what the good news is? You can buy almost anything on Amazon. Even things that are really rather strange: LOOK AT ALL THE WONDROUS POSSIBILITIES! Maybe you want something for yourself, or maybe you want to be able to buy somebody else something that you know they’ve had their heart set on for ages. Anything could be possible if you enter my December Giveaway and win an Amazon Gift Card worth $400!

Win a $400 Amazon Gift card from!

Since you can pretty much buy anything under the sun from the veritable (trash and) treasure trove that is, I compiled a list of some of the silliest ways you could spend $400 there… because, honestly, don’t we all sometimes just need a little giggle?

5 (Silly) Ways to Spend $400 on Amazon

Why buy something practical and useful like a Vitamix or food processor when you could buy…

14 Velociraptor Costumes… for your dog

Because what self respecting puppy doesn’t want to look a little more badass?

5 Silly Ways to Spend $400 on Amazon |


22 Wine Glasses.. that hold an entire bottle of wine. Each.

You’re going to throw the sweetest parties ever!

5 Silly Ways to Spend $400 on Amazon |

26 Nicolas Cage Pillowcases

The stuff of dreams. Or nightmares. You decide!

5 Silly Ways to Spend $400 on Amazon |

28 Cans of “Unicorn Meat

Avert your eyes, unicorn-lovers! But it’s ok really – because there’s magic in every bite!

5 Silly Ways to Spend $400 on Amazon |


80 POUNDS of the deadliest “candy” known to mankind

The reviews of this stuff tell you everything you need to know about why NOT to purchase this stuff!

5 Silly Ways To Spend $400 on Amazon |

Enter to win an Amazon Gift Card – a $400 value!

Ok, now I’m teased you enough, it’s time to get to the serious stuff – how to enter my giveaway for a chance to win a $400 Amazon gift card that you can use to buy WHATEVER YOU LIKE! Here’s how to enter using the Rafflecopter widget below:

Mandatory entry: answer the skill question!

Because nobody likes bots, spammers or hackers – and only a human can buy stuff from Amazon anyway!

Optional entries:

1) Leave me a comment and tell me what you would use your Amazon Gift Card to buy if you won! I’d totally treat myself to that Vitamix I’ve been eyeing! Go wander through Amazon and dream a while… then come back here to enter!

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  1. I am toying with the Vitamix too! I’ve been thinking about it for a few years but have never gone ahead and done it. Maybe with a gift card…

    But…I am having trouble subscribing to your blog (which is beautiful, by the way). It either goes to a page that is not available or, when I try it from the link in this post, nothing happens.

  2. I would buy the Spiral Vegetable Slicer and Great Lakes Gelatin. I wish I could find a cleaning lady on Amazon! 🙂

  3. I’d start with the Vitamix, then with the rest (plus some of my own) I’d choose organic food staples.

  4. A Paderno World Cuisine Tri-Blade Spiral Vegetable Slicer and some Paleo cookbooks are just a few items on my Amazon wish list. Oh, a shopping we would go. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to enter the December gift card giveaway.

  5. I would use a gift card to stock up on some awesome paleo-friendly food products-like BPA-free coconut milk. Sounds stupid, but I can’t find things like that here.

  6. I’ve been eyeing a Fitbit and a Kindle Paperwhite for some time now. Maybe some new bakeware, new knives, who knows? Depends on how I’m feeling that day. 🙂

  7. My food processor bit the dust two weeks ago. I need a new one pronto. Eyeing an immersion blender as well.

  8. Thank you for this opportunity. I would get a new blender, not sure I want a vita-mix, a mini food processor (I almost burned ours up making mayonnaise), some grass fed gelatin, a kindle and some glass bottles. That’s about $400 worth of stuff I think.

    1. I love your blog, I have been really interested in making homemade candies and hard candies are just that, hard to make, and can really burn you. So I stated looking into gummies, since, well, that is one of my all-time favorite candy. So, off to the web it was to find a recipe. Enter Meatified. your writing style and no apology about being a meat eater hooked me right away. Then I find out your having a Giveaway! I would so buy myself more of the Great Lakes Gelatin since, by not knowing about your blog, I “wasted” precious money on the green jars. After buying at least four or six jars of the RED I would get more silicon molds, maybe even one of those that costs 60 bucks. I’ll never buy one otherwise. If after that there is money left over I’d get that Ceramic pour pan I’ve been eying. So glad I was turned onto your site! Thanks

  9. Not sure if you got my post but I have a whole wishlist full at Amazon I would buy, #1 item at the top of my list is a flip and fold.

  10. I would buy books, hard-to-find foods (although I think I’ll pass on Unicorn!), clothes for my baby and who knows what else!

  11. We have a family wishlist I’d buy from! It’s mainly stuff that’ll help us get rid of all the processed crap we’ve been using and to help prepare and store all the produce we’ll be growing with our new garden 🙂

  12. I’d love me a Vitamix! I’ve been wanting one for a couple of years. They’re great for the Paleo lifestyle.

  13. Would like to start juicing a little, so a Vitamix or other juicer, but probably the Vitamix! 🙂

  14. Since my husband and I just found out I’m pregnant, we’d use the $400 to buy baby items, of course!

  15. A car seat for my soon-to-be-here grandson who’ll be needing a ride home from the hospital in March, and then I’ll work on my wishlist!

  16. Would love to win this gift card (of course!)! I would purchase gifts & kitchen gadgets (like a spiral slicer).

  17. I’d just buy some groceries from We have 7 children, and several of them have food allergies, so we have to buy specialty items. Amazon.come has some great prices.

  18. My husband and I have been wanting more equipment for our little home gym, so I would love to buy a trap bar and some more kettle bells to fill it out!

  19. We just moved so we need lots of household things like thermal blackout curtains, a le creuset french press, and I would LOVE to be able to get a gift for my husband and a few small things for the kids!

  20. I need a fridge/freezer. A dishwasher would be welcome too. Oh and a vacuum (I can use broom mostly, but it gets hard to get the fur and dirt out of carpets)

  21. I would get 3 bags of 5 lb. almond flour and a kitchen-aid mixer I have been pining after since I was 10 years old!

  22. Lol, I bought unicorn meat last year to take as a white elephant gift!! If I won, I wouldnt spend it on anything big, I would slowly savor it over time, and I’d buy all the little whims that I found myself eyeing, such as kindle books, fingernail polish, homeschooling goodies, etc, etc. the list goes on and on. That would be SO fun!!!!

  23. I should buy some new pots and pans, but…….I would love to just buy THINGS, that I want, no matter how funny they may sound or how foolish or even if I don’t really need it!! It would be so nice to have the money to do that just for one splurge on my life!!!!

  24. I would buy a blender, some new Paleo cookbooks, stock up on coconut aminos. (I’d think I would buy the gallon size and refill my old bottles.)

  25. First, the gummy bear reviews made me laugh so hard… thank you for pointing them out!! 🙂 Next, with this gift card, I would replace my Kindle. My hot and heavy relationship with my tablet, sadly ended like a Shakespearean tragedy, he was run over. (Seriously!) With the left over cash I’d treat my wonderful man, my real relationship, and myself to some home gym equipment. Thank you for the opportunity! Happy holidays!!!

  26. Paleo cookbooks, a crockpot and loooots of coconut oil and flour… It would really be like a dream come true *_* hihi thank you!

  27. I know exactly what I’d buy– everything! I’ve been eyeing a heavy duty meat grinder, a deluxe food dehydrator, the new Fitbit Force, a French roaster with rack, a big stock pot for making my Nourishing Traditions stocks and sauces, a food spiral slicer, and a whole bunch of other things to improve my kitchen and health!

  28. I’d buy hubby the Haribo bears, he’s been wanting those.
    Xmas gifts for my family & cook books for me.
    A gift for my doggie too!

  29. I have some MK shoes, a D&B purse, and running shoes on my wishlist! But, I’d probably buy my husband the XBOX1 he really desperately wants.

    1. It would be a tough call between the Star Destroyer and the R2-D2 sets for me! <3 them, but really can't justify the expense.

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