E-Book Review: Natural Cocktails

I freely admit to enjoying an adult beverage or two on occasion. Sometimes all I want to do at the end of a long day is sit out on my deck with a glass of something tasty and while away what little is left of the evening. But since switching to a real food orientated lifestyle, it’s not so easy to do. My usual standby is a glass of medicinal red, but sometimes I want something a bit more.. fancy. Something a little different and exciting, you know?

The problem is that it’s not exactly easy to come across cocktail recipes that aren’t filled with complete disaster-zone ingredient lists. Alcohol is treat enough, I don’t really want to accompany it with overly sweet processed mixers and chemical laden garnishes. I’m looking at you, ready-made margarita mixes and Maraschino cherries!

Natural Cocktails

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So what’s a drink-seeking lady to do? Make her own of course! Which may at first glance sound completely overwhelming. But Kendahl from Our Nourishing Roots has done almost all of the work for you in creating over 165 recipes for natural cocktails, garnishes, mixers and more in her awesome e-book Natural Cocktails!

If you want to enjoy a refreshing cocktail without corn syrup, colorings or food dyes, this is the perfect book for you! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to whip up your favorite drink without having to worry about what was in it?

Natural Cocktails

What is included in Natural Cocktails?

  • Lots of information! Kendahl will take you through all of the tools and glassware you will need for a fully stocked bar. She gives you all the terminology and even teaches you about all the varieties of liquors
  • Simple two ingredient cocktails and shots – don’t you want to know how to make things like a Jack and Coke or a Mimosa without using conventional processed ingredients? Of course you do!
  • Recipes for Classic and Contemporary Cocktails! You’ll learn how to make the basic seven: The Martini, The Manhattan, The Old-Fashioned, The Daiquiri, The Sidecar, The Jack Rose, and The Margarita. Then Kendahl will show you how to make every other drink imaginable, from Appletinis to White Russians!
  • Recipes for holiday cocktails. Now you don’t have to pass on the Eggnog or the Spiked Cider!
  • On top of all that, you will learn how to make all the garnishes, mixers and flavorings you could possibly need! Homemade cocktail olives and Maraschino cherries are in there, along with Lacto-Fermented Root Beer and Honey Sweetened Lemondade!

When was the last time you could drink a Mojito without worrying about what ELSE was in it other than the rum?

Real Food Mojito

Or can you imagine mixing yourself a perfect Cosmopolitan made with your own citrus vodka and orange liqueur?

Real Food Cosmopolitan

Or how about an Irish Coffee? Or a Herbal Tea Bourbon Cocktail? This book is full of ideas and inspiration. Think about the possibilities – I know that I am looking forward to entertaining with some more-exciting-than-wine drinks!

Other great things about Natural Cocktails:

  • It has two indexes, one alphabetical, and the other organized by liquor type. Anything you are looking for is easy to find!
  • There are recipes for non alcoholic drinks, too, like Lacto-Fermented Cola and Faux Nog
  • You can even learn how to make your own liqueurs, like Creme de Cacao

If you want to make amazing drinks with amazing ingredients, you need Natural Cocktails!

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