Stuffed Dates with Orange Blossom Cream

Stuffed Dates with Orange Blossom Cream from #paleo #glutenfree

The things I come home with from vacation. In my suitcase this time: pine honey, hot Hungarian paprika and… orange blossom water. Why? I’m not really sure. I’m a sucker for random foodie purchases, though, and the rosewater just seemed kind of boring in comparison. I threw the bottle in my basket and figured I’d […]

Slow Cooker Breakfast Meatloaf

Slow Cooker Breakfast Meatloaf from

(Make the Whole30 the easiest ever with personalized, customizable meal plans!) One of the first things I ever cooked for Mr Meatified was a meatloaf. It was a complete and utter disaster – which is hilarious when you consider that the basic idea behind meatloaf is so simple. To this day, we still refer to […]

Thai Mini Meatballs

Mini Thai Meatballs

Everything tastes better when it’s bite size. That’s a scientific fact. I’m sure it is. It also possibly makes these delicious mini meatballs even more addictive. These are pretty versatile babies and I like to make a double batch at a time and keep them in the fridge for snacks or lunches. I’ve done the […]

Cabbage Cakes

Cabbage Cakes

The new year is impending and apparently that means lettuce-recipes are incoming. But if my new year doesn’t include some fried foods then I’m going to go on time-strike and start counting backwards. Kind of like I do for my birthdays. Anyway. Really this is a story about some leftover sweet potatoes. Wicked stepmother Meatified […]

Green Beans with Lemon & Sage Crumbs

Green Beans with Lemon Sage Crumbs

I grew up eating stuffing out of a box. I’m not ashamed to admit that I loved the stuff, either. It had to be Paxo and it HAD to be the sage and onion “flavor”, regardless of whatever meat was on the table. It just did. I had systems to adhere to. Still do. Sure, […]