Hot Italian Sausage Soup

Hot Italian Sausage Soup from #paleo #whole30

Mr Meatified loves hot Italian sausage. In the summer he loves to grill the links outside along with plenty of peppers and onions. There’s something so wonderful about a meal that is just that simple. Especially when you add all the smoky goodness from the grill. But it’s a little too cold out for that […]

Paleo Hummus with Roasted Red Peppers

paleo hummus

It seems like I’ve written an awful lot about hummus on a website whose recipes don’t use beans or legumes of any kind! First I told you all about how much I used to live on the stuff in this post about my former vegetarian days, then I told you how I stumbled upon an idea […]

Moroccan Spiced Paleo Chicken Noodle Soup

Paleo Moroccan Chicken Noodle Soup

My go-to chicken soup has, for quite some time, been the Thai Chicken Soup on this site. I love how it’s creamy and comforting, with just a touch of heat – if I’ve got a cold, or I’m just feeling a little run down, it’s the perfect pick me up. It keeps so well in […]

Lemon & Cilantro Calamari with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Calamari is one of those things that sounds really intimidating to the home cook. Especially if they are a little seafood-scared. But that little bit of squid-squick-factor may be one of the things that makes this wild caught seafood option stay relatively affordable: where I live, a delightfully land-locked state, already cleaned calamari is often […]

Fiesta Breakfast Bowl

Fiesta Breakfast Bowl

I hate to say it, but sometimes I get sick of eggs. I mean, I love them and all, don’t get me wrong. They are so quick to make and go with pretty much everything, after all. But, sometimes, I just want a different texture or two first thing in the morning. This breakfast bowl […]