Tigernut Butter Cups (AIP peanut butter cups!)

These tigernut butter cups from https://meatified.com are a great simple treat to whip up and a good source of healthy fats. Keep them in the fridge or freezer for a great ready-to-go, dairy free snack or treat.

Before you ask, no, I don’t know why I waited until my kitchen was 86F plus before deciding to tool around with making tigernut butter cups. But wait, I did, which is why I found myself tinkering around with these this week in a kitchen without air conditioning, because of course that’s when the idea […]

Salted Mango Popsicles

If you want something a little different this summer, try these Salted Mango Popsicles from http://meatified.com. Sweet, sour & salted, they're perfect for enjoying on a hot day.

Apparently, this recipe for Salted Mango Popsicles is evidence of the fact that I just can’t leave things alone. I mean, I could have just made straightforward mango popsicles, I guess. But then I’d be bored. So, since I love to over do everything, I made ’em salted and sour. Then I drizzled them with […]

Coconut Berry Paleo Fudge

Coconut Berry Paleo Fudge

There are plenty of Paleo Fudge recipes floating around, but lots of them are chocolate based. I wanted to make something a little lighter that would remind me more of summer, so I came up with Coconut Berry Paleo Fudge instead! This post contains affiliate links. Read what that means to you here. Since this […]

Crunchy Banana Sesame Chocolate Bark {paleo & nut free}

Paleo Banana Chocolate Bark

I gave Mr Meatified some test pieces of this paleo chocolate bark and the first words out of his mouth were, “damn, woman!”. Politically correct? Not so much. But he is right in that this no dairy or soy chocolate bark is freaking delicious. This post contains affiliate links. Read what that means to you […]