Night Time Cherry Lavender Milk

This soothing cherry lavender milk from is the perfect send off for a good night's sleep, made with tart cherry juice and lightly scented with lavender & vanilla. Plot twist: it's also great over ice!

Let me get two things straight about this cherry lavender milk, immediately: 1) I may be 102495,2938455395829 years behind the times, but I refuse to call it “moon milk”. 2) Yes, I know this is obnoxiously, Millennial Pink. (The latter was not on purpose. But I will say that it’s accidentally pretty!) I will admit […]

Coconut Mango Panna Cotta

Simple, decadent and beyond delicious, this dairy free Coconut Mango Panna Cotta from will be your summer go-to dessert. Bonus, it can be added sugar free, too.

I’ve been on quite the mango kick this summer. First there were Sour Mango Smoothies and Salted Mango Popsicles and now I’ve added this Coconut Mango Panna Cotta to my summer creations. Which is a little funny, because I’m not usually one for sweets or smoothies. But the mangoes have just been so fantastically wonderful […]

Salted Caramel Date Shakes

These naturally sweetened, dairy free date shakes from have your name on 'em. They're creamy, caramel-y goodness with a hint of salt that's decidedly addictive!

I almost called these sticky toffee pudding shakes, based on the classic British dessert that gets its caramel-y goodness from soaked dates. But I figured that might get a little lost in translation if you didn’t grow up in the land where “pudding” means dessert instead of something cold, creamy and kinda spongy in a […]

Paleo Yogurt Pots

Paleo Yogurt Pots from - no cultures or fancy equipment needed! #paleo #dairyfree #yogurt #glutenfree

I really like yogurt. But I’m never, ever going to buy a yogurt maker. It’s not even that I’m a little intimidated by the whole live cultures thing, it’s just that I don’t have space anywhere in my kitchen for another appliance. Even if it looks really cool. And I really, really want one. Because […]