Nut Free Vegan Parmesan Sprinkles

A twist on the classic "nooch & nut" combo, these nut free vegan parmesan sprinkles from are perfect on salads, soups & anywhere you used to enjoy grated parm!



Plantain version:

Coconut version:


  1. GRIND: Add the chips of your choice to the bowl of a mini food processor. Use the grind setting to process the chips until you have fine crumbles. The coconut will take a little longer to process than the plantain chips and won’t be as fine in texture, but that’s ok.
  2. PULSE: Add the nutritional yeast and garlic powder to the bowl. Pulse until evenly combined. Taste and add salt, if necessary. If you’re using coconut chips, you may wish to add additional nutritional yeast to further balance the natural sweetness of the coconut.
  3. STORE: Transfer the parmesan sprinkles to an airtight jar and keep in a cool dark place for up to a month.


Both plantain and coconut versions will have a lovely savory flavor, but their textures are a little different. The plantain chips make for a finer texture, more similar to the classic parm in a can. The coconut chips are more fibrous and don’t break down as evenly or into as small pieces, which means they have a bit more of a bite and chew that makes them work particularly well when you’d like to add a bit of contrast to something like soup or salads.