My Paleo Kitchen Essentials

Everybody has their favorite things in the kitchen. The tools you use the most. Probably the things that you absolutely rely on the most. These are mine!

Nordic Ware Baking TraysOster BlenderLodge Dutch Oven

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Baking Trays

Lots of them! I use these for everything from cookies to roasting chicken! I recommend this design because of the rolled edges, which stop them from warping like the cheaper versions. Plus, these stack and take up almost no room at all!


Plenty of people use these for smoothies and not much else. But they’re also essential to me for making super smooth sauces, dressings, soups and vegetable gravies. In my dreams, though, I totally own a ridiculously overpowered Vitamix!

Dutch Oven

The dream would definitely be to own a Le Creuset, but this enameled Lodge version works well. I use mine all the time for stocks, soups & braises – being able to move from stovetop to oven is just so convenient.

Mini Food ProcessorParchment Paper SheetsSilicone Molds

Mini Food Processor

I don’t really have space for a full sized processor, but I use my mini version to make all kinds of hummus, coconut butter, fudge, dressings and sauces. Plus, it comes in about a million colors to match your kitchen – cute!

Parchment Paper Sheets

Yes, they are more expensive than the rolls. But have you ever tried to get a roll of parchment to cut a straight edge WITHOUT cussing as it rolls back up on itself? Thought not. Plus I’m not so sure about cooking on silicone mats like this one any more.

Silicone Molds

I love these for making my own (uncooked) homemade gummies and single serve sweet treats – it’s so easy to pop them out without breaking.

Slow CookerSpice GrinderVegetable Spirzalizer

Slow Cooker

Did you know how many different things you can cook in a slow cooker? I promise you it’s not just for pot roast! This Hamilton Beach model isn’t too expensive, but it IS programmable and has an internal thermometer which will cut down on that “should I open it yet?” anxiety!

Spice Grinder

Peter at Strictly Paleoish sold me not too long ago on how easy it is to make my own spice blends. Yay for not being at the mercy of surprise or undisclosed ingredients in pre made mixes at the store!

Vegetable Spiralizer

Because noodles are awesome. Especially when they are made from vegetables! Using this vegetable spiralizer is one of the quickest ways to make a dish, ever!

9 kitchen tools

Original image credit: Kate Hiscock

What are your favorite things to use in the kitchen?


  1. I seriously need to get the vegetable spiralizer! I’ve been eyeing it for a while but I can’t really justify buying anything else for the kitchen. Also, my Italian husband might go nuts if I put a plate of fake spaghetti in front of him. 🙂 That’s a great list! I really like the Dutch oven as well – sigh, I hope somebody will one day put it under my Xmas tree.

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