Get this speedy broccoli slaw stir fry from that’s packed full of flavor & totally AIP on the table in 30 minutes or less. Perfect for weeknights & hangry times!

If your reader buys this ebook not only will they get recipes for two more delicious meals you created, but also meals from 40 other people without having to hunt all over the internet or buy a bunch of cookbooks. There are 120 "recipes" in the book, but if we'd organized it like a traditional cookbook with separate categories for "main dishes" and "sides" and "sauces" etc. - it would easily have more than 300. So, it's a big time bargain at just $18.90! It's an AIP book, but it would also be a great resource for anyone who needs to avoid allergens like dairy, nuts, or eggs, or who just wants to eat more real foods and not spend all day cooking.

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