Things I loved in May: meatified’s top 5

This is the first of what I plan to be a monthly roundup of great posts or articles I ran across while reading other awesome blogs. I’m going to try to offer things here that I wouldn’t otherwise cover myself here at meatified, including topics like natural homecare and health products, Paleo treats or more informational posts. Let me know if there is anything particular you would like to see here!

Whipped Coconut Oil Lotion Recipe from The Nourished Life

Coconut Oil Lotion Recipe

Summer is just around the corner, but if you’re anything like me, your winter skin is still trying to shed. I live in a place with the most insanely low humidity and my skin pays the price. I’m super excited to try out this coconut oil lotion recipe. It looks like a great way to banish the itchy winter skin in a chemical free way!

40 Healthy Kids Snack Ideas from Yummy Inspirations

40 Healthy Kids Snacks Ideas

Snacks are sometimes the hardest things to come up with and I usually end up relying on the same old things. When food starts getting repetitive, it can be hard to stay motivated in making healthy choices. For a kid, that kind of boredom sucks doubly! Yummy Inspirations has a fantastic list of healthy kids snack ideas that would make all the grown ups happy, too!

Candida Myths by Empowered Sustenance

candida myths

This is a great post which offers an alternative take on the dealing with candida. Lauren counters the traditional wisdom of avoiding all sugar when trying to deal with Candida overgrowth and explains why you may well need some (healthy!) sugar after all. This is definitely worth reading, especially if you have already tried the Candida Diet without achieving the results you were hoping for.

8 Reasons to eat fermented foods by Cheeseslave

fermented foods

This was an eye opener for me! Being as phobic of vinegar as I am – yes, I know that’s pretty weird – I have never really taken the time to read into fermented foods or beverages. Which is ridiculous when so many people swear by them for gut health. It turns out that lacto-fermentation doesn’t even use vinegar and I admit I’m hanging my head in a little shame! This post not only explains why fermented foods are awesome, it also tells you how to start incorporating more of them into your diet AND gives you some introductory recipes.

How to make your own non-toxic sunscreen lotion bars by Homemade Mommy

non-toxic sunscreen lotion bars

Did you know that you could make your own sunscreen? And that it could be in an incredibly cute and handy bar form? These non-toxic sunscreen lotion bars are a brilliant way of getting SPF protection without all the chemical nasties you can run into using commercial products. Don’t be scared by the idea of sourcing ingredients: they are simple and Homemade Mommy tells you where to buy them all, too.

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