What I loved in August: Meatified’s Link Love

How to make perfect hard boiled eggs

I am terrible at cooking hard boiled eggs. I blame the years of hating them based on sheer stinkyness alone. However, all is not lost! Here is  how to make perfect hard boiled eggs. Apparently you need a secret supply usually more likely to be found in the office than the kitchen!

problem with protein powders

Savory Lotus talks here about the problem with protein powders – not least is the fact that they are heavily processed.

how to render lard

I loved this post about how to render lard, all the more so because it shows you a couple of pitfalls and super easy ways to avoid them!

natural remedies

Not feeling 100%? Already feeling the approach of winter? Even if you’re not just yet, here’s a great post detailing over 100 natural remedies for pretty much every minor ailment!

how to make hand sanitizer

I like to use hand sanitizer when I’m using, ahem, public places, but I’m not crazy about all the alcohol based versions. Here is how to make hand sanitizer naturally, using tea tree oil as the main ingredient.

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