Lamb & Leek Burgers with Lemon Cream

Lamb & Leek Burgers with Lemon Cream from #paleo #glutenfree #autoimmunepaleo

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These Lamb & Leek Burgers scream of spring! The natural sweetness of leeks is perfect with lamb – but you can make these with beef, too.



For the burgers:

For the cream:

  • 1/2 cup / 120 ml coconut cream
  • 1 tbl / 5 g lemon zest (12 lemons)


  1. MIX: Add the chopped leeks and half of the coconut oil to a pan and cook over medium heat until the leeks are softened, about 3 – 5 minutes. Transfer the leeks to a bowl and chill them. In a second, large bowl, add the ground lamb, garlic powder and salt. Once the leeks are no longer hot, add them to the bowl and mix gently until the mixture is combined. Divide into four patties.
  2. COOK: Add the remaining coconut oil to a skillet. Over low-medium heat, add the patties and cook each side until browned, about 5 minutes per side. Make sure the lamb is cooked all the way through.
  3. CREAM: Use a mini food processor or similar to combine the coconut cream and lemon zest. Use to top the cooked burgers.


If you don’t have coconut cream to hand, chill a can of full fat coconut milk overnight and then scoop the cream from the top. It has to be free of emulsifiers for that to work, though.

This recipe is suitable for Autoimmune Paleo and the Whole30.