Night Time Cherry Lavender Milk

This soothing cherry lavender milk from is the perfect send off for a good night's sleep, made with tart cherry juice and lightly scented with lavender & vanilla. Plot twist: it's also great over ice!

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  1. STEEP: Add the tart cherry juice, coconut milk and edible lavender buds to a small saucepan. Warm over low-medium heat until the milk is just beginning to bubble and steam, then turn off & remove from the heat. Stir, then cover and steep the lavender for 10 minutes.
  2. STRAIN: Test the milk and see if it’s hot enough for you. If not, pop it back on the stovetop again for a few minutes to warm through to your liking. Add the raw honey, salt and vanilla bean powder, to taste, stirring to combine. Gently pour the warm cherry lavender milk through a small mesh sieve into a mug to strain out the dried lavender buds. Press lightly on them with the back of a teaspoon to extract all their flavor, then discard them.
  3. FROTH: If you like, you can blend the cherry lavender milk in a blender or use a little milk frother to give the drink a little bubbly layer on top. Drink while warm.