Sour Mango Smoothie

This Sour Mango Smoothie from is summer in a glass... with a twist! It's sunny, refreshing and totally dairy & added sugar free, too.

Inspired in part by this Savory Lassi recipe from Food52.




  1. BLEND: Add all ingredients to a high powered blender and process until smooth.
  2. SERVE: Divide the smoothie mixture between two glasses and garnish with a lime slice. For a pretty presentation, salt rim the glasses first: rub the rim of the glasses with a cut lime wedge, then invert the glasses and press the rims into some crushed pink Himalayan salt. Sprinkle with a little extra amchur, if you like an extra sour kick!


Amchur, or amchoor, is a traditional souring ingredient in Indian and Pakistani cuisines. It’s made from the dried powder of sour green mangos and you can find it in international or Indian markets. Alternatively, you can find it here on Amazon!