Sour Mango Smoothie

This Sour Mango Smoothie from is summer in a glass... with a twist! It's sunny, refreshing and totally dairy & added sugar free, too.

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Inspired in part by this Savory Lassi recipe from Food52.




  1. BLEND: Add all ingredients to a high powered blender and process until smooth.
  2. SERVE: Divide the smoothie mixture between two glasses and garnish with a lime slice. For a pretty presentation, salt rim the glasses first: rub the rim of the glasses with a cut lime wedge, then invert the glasses and press the rims into some crushed pink Himalayan salt. Sprinkle with a little extra amchur powder, if you like an extra sour kick!



Amchur powder, or amchoor, is a traditional souring ingredient in Indian and Pakistani cuisines. It’s made from the dried powder of sour green mangos and you can find it in international or Indian markets.