Watermelon Salad with Yogurt, Dukkah & Olive Oil

Feta doesn't get to have all the fun! This watermelon salad is crisp, creamy & studded with a savory spiced seasoning, then finished with fruity olive oil.

Feta doesn’t get to have all the fun! Take a break from the typical watermelon mets feta salad with this fun twist. This watermelon salad has crisp fruit piled on top of creamy yogurt, then is generously sprinkled with a savory spiced seasoning. To finish things off, it’s drizzled with fruity olive oil and scattered with pistachio, lime zest & herbs.




CHILL: Dice the watermelon into bite size pieces, then transfer them to a bowl and chill, covered, for at least an hour or two or preferably overnight. This gives the watermelon time to release some of its juices, chill and crisp up more firmly.

DRAIN: Gently tip the chilled watermelon cubes into a colander or strainer, draining off and discarding any excess liquid.

ARRANGE: Spoon the yogurt into the center of a serving plate or bowl. Use the back of the spoon to swirl and smooth the yogurt so that it covers the bottom of the serving dish in a thin, even layer. Scoop the chilled watermelon on top of the yogurt and drizzle it with the olive oil.

GARNISH: Sprinkle the watermelon salad with dukkah, pistachios, fresh herbs and lime zest. Season to taste with salt and pepper, then serve immediately.


  • There are myriad different varieties of dukkah spice blends out there. I’m partial to this one from Trader Joe’s because I think the fennel and anise work so well with the watermelon, but it is of course much cheaper in stores! I’ve linked it here so you can see the full ingredients list but don’t recommend you purchasing at this inflated online price.