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Well, hey there! I love hearing from readers, but these days it’s a little hard for me to keep up with emails as speedily as I’d like. If you’ve got zippy little questions, read the sections below before speeding to my contact form!

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Head on over to the specific social media or blog post and ask away! When it comes to blog posts, a heads up: your comments won’t appear straight away because they’re moderated to avoid 1) spam and 2) grumpy trolls. As long as you don’t write me a novella, quick questions and queries via social media will almost always be answered more swiftly than an email!

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You’re the best! Please feel free to share links directly

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Both my recipes and photography are protected by copyright and if you would like to share them, please get my express permission to do so in writing. Please contact me here if you would like to discuss licensing my recipes or photos.

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I’ve got a wee tear in my eye, knowing that you’ve trusted me and my recipes in your kitchen. Seriously, seeing people enjoy my recipes makes my freaking day. If you want me to see what you’re up to, use the hashtag #meatified so I get a chance to see all your good stuff!

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Please head on over to my collaborate page, where I spill all the deets you need to know about potential projects and creative partnerships. I would love to create some custom content just for you!

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