Let’s work together

If you’re an inspiring, health driven brand looking to partner with a trusted voice in the gluten free, paleo, autoimmune and allergy friendly communities, Meatified could be the perfect fit for you!

There are a variety of ways in which we could potentially work together, so please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss partnership opportunity such as some of the options below.

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Ad Opportunities

A range of different ad sizes, formats and prices are available on Meatified, upon request.

Brand Ambassadorship

If you have a brand or product that you feel would connect with Meatified readers, I’d love to work with you over a period of time as a brand ambassador. There are many opportunities here for partnership that could include sharing with Meatified readers through blog posts, social media, ad space and more. Let’s talk!

Events, Trips or Retreats

If you’re looking to share a “behind the scenes” peek at your brand’s story, I’m available to visit! I’d love the chance to learn more about your brand, meet up with like minded people and share the experience with Meatified readers through social media and / or a follow up blog post(s). If you’ve got a story to tell, I’d love to share it, especially if it means getting up close and personal with beautiful food, ingredients or spaces.

Food Styling & Photography

I love to bring vibrant, nourishing, healthy food to life with simple styling that allows the ingredients to shine for themselves. I shoot at home and love to bring your visions to life. You can see my portfolio here.

Freelance Writing

I love storytelling and the opportunity to work with brands in a way that allows me to create unique content that speaks about your products, services or offerings. I’m happy to consider editorial writing, guest posting or any other ideas you have.

Giveaways and Reviews

To be blunt: I don’t do straight up review posts often, if at all. I prefer to have more of an organic feel to my work and being honest with my readers is paramount, so if I enjoy a product or service enough that I want to

share it, I like to come up with more interesting ways to incorporate it into what I do. When it makes sense, I’m happy to facilitate giveaways in tandem with other collaborative endeavors.

Recipe Development

With years of experience in creating gluten free, paleo, AIP and allergy friendly recipes, I’m always up for a recipe development challenge! If you need recipes to be grain, gluten, dairy, egg, nut, seed, shellfish, corn, soy or nightshade free (or all of the above!), I’m your woman. I’m happy to develop recipes to your specifications and / or featuring your real food products. These recipes can be developed for an external website or publication, or we can talk about featuring them here on Meatified and promoting them via my social media channels.

Sponsored Posts

I’m always on the lookout for brands, products and services that will resonate with Meatified readers. I would love to create custom content that will promote your brand while providing value to my community.

Brand Disclosures

I believe in being totally up front and honest with my community; as such, I’ll always disclose the nature of any brand partnerships I have clearly. To comply with FTC guidelines, I will always include a disclosure at the end of each post written on behalf of a partner that will detail if a post was sponsored or compensated in any way. I like to be clear about how Meatified operates and the ways in which I work with partners.

As with everything I do here, it’s important to me to work ethically and transparently when it comes to accepting products and forming brand relationships. I’ll only work with and promote on behalf of brands that fit my health focused, real food standards and will never guarantee any kind of partnership until I am satisfied that a brand, product or service is in line with those standards.

I strive to only recommend things that I can and would use in my own daily life. If you think that this sounds like something that would work for you, please contact me!

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