food + photos = true love

Stories. That’s where my love of photography came from, built on a love of literature, narratives and learning from other people’s perspectives. With a background in classical languages and history, a ridiculously overwhelming vocabulary and a love of wordsmithing, I came a little late to embracing, exploring and expressing myself in the visual arts. But now that I’ve found my creative spot, I’m not moving!

Just as I’m a self-taught cook, everything I know about food photography comes from showing up every day, experiencing life, seeing the still, small moments of beauty that are all around us… and trying to capture them.

Blogging is what brought my two worlds together: writing and photography. But as I’ve evolved as a photographer, I’ve learned to love telling stories without words. And just as I love to play, experiment and make a mess in the kitchen, I love to bring those qualities to my photography.

I like to visually taste, season, adapt and create scenes as they unfold. Let the food stories reveal themselves. Savor the simple beauty in beautiful ingredients, natural light and food that brings people together.

If you would like to collaborate with me on food photography projects…

come say hello!