Night Time Cherry Lavender Milk

This soothing cherry lavender milk from is the perfect send off for a good night's sleep, made with tart cherry juice and lightly scented with lavender & vanilla. Plot twist: it's also great over ice!

Let me get two things straight about this cherry lavender milk, immediately: 1) I may be 102495,2938455395829 years behind the times, but I refuse to call it “moon milk”. 2) Yes, I know this is obnoxiously, Millennial Pink. (The latter was not on purpose. But I will say that it’s accidentally pretty!) I will admit […]

Balsamic Roasted Cherry Pops

These roasted cherry pops from get their richly decadent flavor from the gently caramelized fruit with a hint of balsamic and honey, all whipped together with coconut milk for a silky smooth frozen treat.

Summer is (almost, I mean, it might as well be) here with its abundance of beautiful seasonal fruits! One of my favorite, easy hot weather treats is a refreshing popsicle and today I’m sharing a recipe that makes the most of the glorious cherries we’re seeing now with these balsamic roasted cherry pops. I’ve amped […]

Tigernut Butter Cups (AIP peanut butter cups!)

These tigernut butter cups from are a great simple treat to whip up and a good source of healthy fats. Keep them in the fridge or freezer for a great ready-to-go, dairy free snack or treat.

Before you ask, no, I don’t know why I waited until my kitchen was 86F plus before deciding to tool around with making tigernut butter cups. But wait, I did, which is why I found myself tinkering around with these this week in a kitchen without air conditioning, because of course that’s when the idea […]

Chicken & Avocado Caesar Salad

This Chicken & Avocado Caesar Salad from has all of the flavor, but none of the egg or dairy from the classic recipe, making it perfect for the AIP. As a bonus, it's coconut free, too!

It does seem, if you spend any time around food on social media at all, that there are pretty much two options in life when it comes to jazzing up simple recipes: #putaneggonit or adding avocado. And while I do hate to jump on a silly trend – you won’t find me making mermaid toast […]

Sweet Potato Rice Pilaf with Lemon, Olives & Raisins

This Mediterranean inspired take on a grain-less Sweet Potato Rice Pilaf from is a winner and infinitely adaptable! This take is light, bright and herbaceous, studded with briny olives & juicy raisins.

This recipe for sweet potato rice pilaf is brought to you by the fact that I’ve never really liked cauliflower rice. I mean, I’ve made it, I’ve eaten it, I’ve even found ways to make it pretty tasty. But I just don’t like it that much. You know what has always been missing? CARBS, MY […]