Chicken, Mushroom & Bacon Pâté

If you think you hate liver, this chicken, mushroom & bacon pâté from is going to change your mind. It's rich, creamy and so flavorful it's frankly addictive.

Round my house, we usually just call this the “bacon pâté”, but that’s a little misleading. This Chicken, Mushroom and Bacon Pâté is a bit of a mouthful in more ways than one and it’s the result of my ever expanding quest to make people who don’t think they like pâté… like pâté. That quest […]

Homemade Bone Broth: Instant Pot, Slow Cooker & Stove Top

Making your own homemade bone broth is easy and economical. Here's how to make it three ways: in your Instant Pot, slow cooker or on the stove top!

The great thing about making your own homemade bone broth is that it’s both easy and economical. Although you can go out and purchase soup bones from your grocery store or butcher, I almost always make my own with leftover bones from cuts that I’ve cooked for meals. I save everything from roast chicken carcasses […]

How-To: Rendering Animal Fats

Buying high quality animal fats can be expensive. But don't be intimidated: rendering animal fats is easy! Here's how to make your own lard or tallow from

I know, “rendering animal fats” sounds both a little weird and intimidating. It’s really just a fancy way to describe slowly melting down fat (most commonly pork or beef) into a clean, shelf stable cooking fat like lard or tallow. It might sound counter intuitive if – like me – you had been taught and […]

Pomegranate Coconut Butter Bark with Ginger & Orange

This festive pomegranate coconut butter bark from is the perfect holiday treat, studded with ginger & orange zest. Keep it to yourself or give it as a gift!

Hands up if you’ve ever made coconut butter bark? It’s the simplest and most delicious treat. The best part? There’s no cooking required! Once you have your softened coconut butter (or coconut manna) it’s literally as easy to make as these three steps: spread, sprinkle and chill. It’s more a method than a recipe, really. […]

Cranberry Sauce with Blood Orange, Balsamic & Rosemary

This effortlessly simple cranberry sauce from is gussied up with some seasonal citrus, a splash of balsamic & a smidge of rosemary for a fun twist on a classic!

How do you like your cranberry sauce? I’m hoping the answer is rich and thick, luscious but not smooth, tart and mildly sweetened, with a hint of citrus and a lightly herbal finish. ‘Cause that’s what I made. In actual fact, this cranberry sauce was a complete accident of a recipe. I wanted to photograph […]