Persian Seasoning

Liven up your cooking with this herb-packed Persian seasoning blend from! Inspired by the abundance of fresh herbs used in & served with Iranian dishes, sabzi khordan, this is a blend filled with bright, herbaceous flavors, old and new.

Have you been following along with my Seasoning Series? I started off with some familiar blends and showed you how I make them AIP friendly. First with Taco Seasoning, then moving on to a dairy free Ranch Seasoning. I’m kicking off week three with something a little different: Persian Seasoning! You know I’m always on the lookout […]

Dairy Free Ranch Seasoning Mix

Whip up this AIP & dairy free Ranch Seasoning blend from, then use it on ALL THE THINGS! All of the flavor, but none of the ick of those dodgy little packets...

Welcome to week 2 of my AIP seasoning series! I kicked off last week with my favorite Taco Seasoning and today I’m cooling things down with an herb-packed Ranch Seasoning blend that you can use to liven up a whole ranch range of dishes… without all the crap you’ll find stashed in the store bought options out […]

Easy AIP Meals Without Meal Planning

So here’s the deal when you’re trying to follow any dietary protocol: you gotta plan. Someway, somehow, you’ve got to be ready for those inevitable moments. You know, the ones where you’re suddenly ravenously hungry but don’t have time to cook. Or the days when you get home and the idea of having to rummage through […]

How To: Freeze Fresh Ginger

I love ginger. And as any ginger lover will tell you, the powdered kind might be fine in baking, but when it comes to anything else – fresh is best. But fresh ginger root can dry up, lose it’s flavor or go downright moldy if you don’t get to using it up in time. So […]

Coconut and Lime Paleo Yogurt-A-Like

Coconut Lime Paleo Yogurt

Paleo yogurt are not words that are seen together too frequently. I’m kind of fibbing a little by putting them together in the first place because this recipe does NOT require either a yogurt maker, hours of your time or live cultures. But it does act and taste just like yogurt does, in that it […]