How To Freeze Pâté, plus 21 AIP recipes

How to Freeze Pâté, plus 21 AIP and allergy friendly recipes |

Before I get into the practical how to freeze pâté bit, I’ve gotta be honest and say: if you’d told me I needed to eat liver as part of a healing diet a few years ago, I would have told you to shove it. I grew up with overcooked liver and onions on our school lunch […]

Easy AIP Meals Without Meal Planning

So here’s the deal when you’re trying to follow any dietary protocol: you gotta plan. Someway, somehow, you’ve got to be ready for those inevitable moments. You know, the ones where you’re suddenly ravenously hungry but don’t have time to cook. Or the days when you get home and the idea of having to rummage through […]

25 Recipes for Vegetable Noodles

25 Recipes for Vegetable Noodles from #paleo #glutenfree

Long before I found Paleo, I was unapologetically obsessed with carbs. Not knowing any better, that really meant I was rather preoccupied with grains. I didn’t think a meal was complete without some kind of “heart healthy whole grain” product of one type or another. In fact, I never thought I would be able to remove […]