E-book Review: Processed Free

processed-free-coverProcessed Free is the newest book from the talented Robin of Thank Your Body. I’ve long been a reader of her fantastic site due to her refreshing, down to earth approach to everything from real food recipes and DIY beauty products, to home fermentation and toxic free living. Even the title of her site is inspiring: her overall message is one of self love AND improvement, which is a rare and fantastic combination.

Robin carries that wonderful positive energy into her 3rd e-book Processed Free. She distills the whole concept of “real food” eating and nourishment down to its simplest core in a way that is completely accessible. This is the book I wish I had had many years ago as my introduction to my real food and self care journey. Boy, would I have wasted less time and made fewer mistakes! It’s so easy to get caught up in details when it comes to food, but Robin’s perspective is far simpler:

“Eating healthy isn’t about starvation, guilt, or chewing on cardboard to get in some sort of dietary recommendation. It’s about nourishing the body and the soul.”

And when you look at it like that, don’t you already feel a little less overwhelmed about what the “right” way to eat is?

Why I love Processed Free

  • It’s a practical, common-sense approach to food that emphasizes nourishment and overall health rather than dietary dogma
  • It gives you the history of problems with our current food system WITHOUT overwhelming you with numbers or statistics
  • It’s full of useful, PRACTICAL information to help you get food to your table quickly, easily and stress-free, however you prefer to eat

So what is in Processed Free?

  • Simple steps to start on your own “real food” journey. Baby steps. You can do it!
  • Ways to quickly differentiate the “real food” from the fake at the grocery store
  • How to keep your pantry, refrigerator & freezer stocked without relying on processed foods
  • How to meal plan and budget effectively and easily



In other words, Processed Free is a complete introduction to planning, buying and storing healthy, nourishing real food in a stress free way! What’s not to love about that?

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