Leftovers Love: Carrot Scrambled Eggs

Ok, I admit, carrot scrambled eggs do sound a little weird. But hear me out. For brunch this morning I sauteed some onions and then added in a couple of spoons of the leftover carrot dip I had still in the fridge. Once that had cooked through for a few minutes, I added some eggs and scrambled them gently. The result was a slightly sweet and not so “eggy” plate of scrambled eggs which were strangely delicious! The eggs took a little longer than usual to scramble because of the oil in the dip, but those extra minutes were well worth it.


  1. I do something similar to this, except I just grate carrots and beets (with a cheese grater) and cook that in ghee/coconut oil/tallow/lard with onions (and smoked sea salt) until slightly caramelized, then add the (duck) eggs…and cook, but sunny side up for me, of course. 🙂 I’ll have to try this! Looks amazing.

    1. That sounds really good! I usually don’t bother with carrots in the morning because I’m too impatient, but grating them is genius! 🙂

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