Reintroducing Foods on the Paleo AIP

When I first heard about the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), I thought a few different things:

“This could be the way I need to eat to manage my Hashimoto’s!”


“Oh, NO, I might need to eat like THAT?!”

Because, let’s face it, the list of foods that are a no go on the AIP are pretty freaking intimidating, even if – like me – you have been following Paleo for a while and even done several Whole30 resets along the way. Out went eggs for breakfast, my way-too-beloved cashew-based “hummus” and Mr Meatified had to pry the last jar of my favorite salsa out of my hands while I wailed about how this SO WASN’T FAIR. Because sometimes I have childish (and totally human) reactions to things, even if “losing” salsa really wasn’t going to change the quality of my life in the long run. It felt like it at the time, though.

And so I diligently read up on everything I could about the AIP. I understood as much of the logic and science behind it as I could find, but back then the now definitive guide to the AIP, The Paleo Approach, wasn’t in print. I got rid of nightshades and realized how much I had relied on tomato products as fillers in a lot of things. I banished eggs and wondered what my go-to “I don’t really wanna cook” meals were going to look like without them. And I still bitched about losing my salsa, damnit.

You know what happened? I started to feel better. I decided that if giving up some foods made me feel healthier, then it was worth it. I got more creative with food – to the point that I later ended up beginning work on an AIP cookbook of my own. But I never stopped to question that this way of eating was forever. I had been so focused on what I had to change and getting used to those changes, that somehow I missed the memo on the whole concept of reintroducing foods on the AIP. Oops.

Reintroducing Foods on the Autoimmune Protocol - A Step by Step Guide with Recipes - review by

AIP doesn’t have to be forever!

But I don’t think I’m alone in making that mistake! Lots of people ask me if AIP is forever. And the answer is.. it depends on you. AIP is the ultimate experiment in what works for the individual. Some people may not even want to change anything if AIP works for them. But if you do get to wondering about whether or not you might be able to tolerate some non-AIP compliant foods, it can be overwhelming to figure out where and when to start bringing them back to your diet. And that’s where Eileen Laird’s ebook Reintroducing Foods on the Paleo AIP comes in! Just like the Whole30 program, the elimination phase of the AIP is only one part of the process. A careful, systematic and thorough approach is needed to reintroducing foods, and that’s what Eileen’s book offers.

Eileen is an AIP expert who has successfully used food to manage her rheumatoid arthritis symptoms without immunosuppressants or steroids, so she absolutely knows her stuff! As well as running her blog Phoenix Helix, dedicated to AIP recipes, research and information, as well as being the home of the weekly AIP Recipes Roundtable, Eileen is the AIP Ambassador for Chowstalker and writes a column for Paleo Magazine to boot!

Reintroducing Foods on the Autoimmune Protocol - A Step by Step Guide with Recipes - review by http://meatified.comWhat’s in Reintroducing Foods?

In Reintroducing Foods on the Paleo AIP, Eileen clearly explains the protocol to follow when it comes to starting to step off the strict AIP path. The ebook gives you two different approaches to reintroducing foods, detailed directions for both methods and sample recipes that will allow you to reintroduce foods one at a time. Although it is written in a friendly, approachable style, Reintroducing Foods on the Paleo AIP takes you through the process clearly and efficiently, eliminating any variables that might throw you off track in your own pursuit of accurate results.

I especially love the sections that – surprisingly – AREN’T about food. Managing an autoimmune disease is much more complex than dealing with diet alone and can be a frustrating and emotional experience, especially when sometimes we’re left feeling like our bodies are rebelling against us. Eileen’s understanding of those feelings is wonderful and she walks you through the emotional aspects of reintroducing foods as well as the practical concerns. Most importantly, to me, she reminds us all that there is hope and positivity to be found along the way.

Read more about Reintroducing Foods on the Paleo AIP here.

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