Paleo Chocolate “PB&J” Freezer Fudge

Chocolate "PB&J" Freezer Fudge

When I first came up with this freezer fudge idea, I knew that I wanted to make it nut free. I had plenty of tahini left after making several batches and flavors of my Paleo hummus and that got me thinking that the sesame seed paste might stand in really well for freezer fudge making purposes. […]

Paleo Yogurt Pots

Paleo Yogurt Pots from - no cultures or fancy equipment needed! #paleo #dairyfree #yogurt #glutenfree

I really like yogurt. But I’m never, ever going to buy a yogurt maker. It’s not even that I’m a little intimidated by the whole live cultures thing, it’s just that I don’t have space anywhere in my kitchen for another appliance. Even if it looks really cool. And I really, really want one. Because […]

Avocado with Strawberry Salsa

Avocado halves filled with a nightshade free strawberry salsa from make a quick, easy and pretty appetizer or side for all those summer nights & cookouts.

I don’t know about you, but over here, we’re just starting to get into grilling season! Honestly, I tend to leave the actual grilling part to Mr Meatified, which means my contributions to these meals is really only the side dishes or the occasional marinade. I’m ok with this – it’s nice for me to […]

Arugula with Strawberry Rosemary Dressing

Strawberry Rosemary Dressing: also known as summer on a plate! You know how sometimes that plate you fixed for dinner just needs a little something extra to really make it a meal? This simple side salad is that something. All you need is a few minutes to throw a couple of fresh ingredients in a […]

Bacon & Berry Bites with Dairy Free Chocolate Sauce

bacon wrapped strawberry

Everything is better with bacon. And these addictive morsels of awesomeness prove that rule. It is also true that almost everything is better with chocolate. Therefore, logic dictates that these may well be the best thing you ever put in your mouth. Bacon + chocolate = win. I’m not sure I really need to tell […]