Chocolate Freezer Fudge Truffles

Chocolate Freezer Fudge Truffles

I apologize in advance to anybody who is not as in love with Tahini right now as I am. It started as a voyage of no-nut-nuttiness discovery and will probably end in some kind of program where people try to remove the Tahini jar from my cold dead hands. I might love the stuff just a teeny tiny amount. Actually, I take that back. I don’t apologize. Because if you don’t love the sesame-seed-inducing bliss-maker like I do, then that leaves more for me. Ha!

Chocolate Freezer Fudge Truffles

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Using Tahini instead of a nut butter does a few great things. It means that these truffles are suitable for anyone with a nut-avoidance policy or nut allergies. Yay. It also manages to give a very subtle nut-like flavor which is delicious paired with the rich chocolate flavor of the raw Cacao. I have used raw honey as a sweetener here, but vegans, I am sure that you could substitute maple syrup. I would recommend using a little less than the 1/4 cup stated in the recipe for honey, as maple syrup is thinner and less viscous than honey. Please let me know if you do so!

PS – these Chocolate Freezer Fudge Truffles only have FIVE ingredients. Five! And there is no melting or tempering of chocolate required. So, really, do you need another reason to make them?

Chocolate Freezer Fudge Truffles


Chocolate Freezer Fudge Truffles

These Chocolate Freezer Fudge Truffles are made with only 5 ingredients and are nut free. Deliciously rich & perfect for anyone with nut allergies!

  • Author: Rachael Bryant / Meatified
  • Prep Time: 15 mins
  • Total Time: 15 mins
  • Yield: Approximately 18 truffles 1x




  1. In a mini food processor, add the tahini, coconut oil, raw honey and raw cacao. Process until smooth.
  2. Divide the mixture between two containers and refrigerate until firm, at least an hour and up to overnight.
  3. Pour enough unsweetened coconut flakes into a shallow bowl that the surface is covered and line a freezer safe plate or baking tray with parchment paper.
  4. Working with one container of fudge mixture at a time, use a small cookie scoop to portion out each truffle. Roll them lightly between your hands to round them off, then roll in the unsweetened coconut mixture. Place on the parchment paper lined pan or plate. Put the pan or plate in the freezer.
  5. Repeat with the second container of fudge mixture.
  6. Freeze for at least 1 hour before eating. Once set, these truffles will keep in the freezer for several weeks.


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