Hibiscus Homemade Gummies

It’s no secret that I love homemade gummies and judging by the thousands of shares of my Sour Watermelon Homemade Gummies, I’m guessing that lots of other people do, too, including yourself!

I especially love homemade gummies that are made using grass fed gelatin, which can have some great health benefits.

(But click here to find out why it’s not adequate as post workout protein.)

The best traditional source of grass fed gelatin would be broth made from grass fed animals, but sometimes you either don’t have that kind of broth to hand, or you just don’t feel like eating it. I know I find it a lot easier to up my intake of healing bone broth in the winter than I do in the warmer months! That’s where homemade gummies are great, allowing you to supplement your diet with gelatin without having to scarf down bowls of bone broth.

Hibiscus Homemade Gummies from http://meatified.com #paleo #gelatin #gummies



The problem is, though, that even homemade gummies still have a fair amount of sugar in them, usually in the form of fruit juice. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with that, but if you’re trying to cut down on sugar AND eat homemade gummies, it gets a little bit more tricky. That’s when I decided to experiment with making homemade gummies using herbal teas instead. The best thing about this is that you have a bazillion options when it comes to flavor. There are so many varieties of tea, flavors and combinations!

Hibiscus Homemade Gummies from http://meatified.com #paleo #gelatin #gummies

My current favorite right now is Tazo Passion Tea. It’s a blend of mainly hibiscus flowers, along with lemongrass, rosehip, mango & passion fruit flowers. (It’s the same base tea as they used to serve at Starbucks over ice before they switched tea brands!) It gives a lovely sour-sweet floral flavor and a natural delicate color to the homemade gummies! You can add a little honey if you need a bit of sweetness, but even then the sugar level would be nowhere close to the usual fruit juice based homemade gummies.

Hibiscus Homemade Gummies from http://meatified.com #paleo #gelatin #gummies

Please note that these gummies do come out a little softer than those made with juices – if you like a firmer gummy, experiment with adding in a little extra gelatin.

If you want to make your homemade gummies in these cute little daisy shapes, this is the mold I used! It’s silicone, which makes it super easy to pop out perfect little gummy shapes!


Hibiscus Homemade Gummies

These homemade gummies are definitely for the grown ups, subtly flavored with hibiscus & passion fruit tea.

  • Author: Rachael Bryant / Meatified
  • Prep Time: 15 mins
  • Total Time: 15 mins
  • Yield: 24 homemade gummy daisy shapes 1x




  1. In a saucepan with a pourable lip, add the water and passion fruit tea bags. Let steep for 10 minutes.
  2. Measure out about 1/2 cup of the steeped tea into a bowl and sprinkle the unflavored gelatin powder over the surface of the liquid. Set aside.
  3. Gently heat the rest of the tea (with the tea bags still in the liquid) until warm – do not bring it to a boil or simmer.
  4. Remove the tea bags.
  5. Add the unflavored gelatin powder and water mixture into the brewed tea. Stir until the liquid and gelatin are combined, without any lumps.
  6. Remove the pan from the heat and add the honey, if using; whisk until dissolved and combined. Skim any white foam from the top and discard.
  7. Pour the gelatin mixture into a heatproof jug and then into molds or a refrigerator safe pan.
  8. Chill until set, about 1 hour and then either remove from the mold OR slice it into pieces.


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Hibiscus Homemade Gummies from http://meatified.com #paleo #gelatin #gummies

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  1. I can’t wait to try these!! They must be sooo terrific because everywhere I’ve looked the Great Lakes Gelatin is sold out or on back order! 🙁 The best things are worth waiting for though!! :). Thanks for the recipe !!!

    1. Wow, you got here fast! 🙂
      These are a much more subtle flavor than the usual juice-filled gummies, but I really like them. The flavor is much more complex, depending on all the different flavors in the tea.
      Have you tried Amazon? I always buy it from there since my local sales tax makes it more expensive to buy locally.

      1. Hiya! Yep tried amazon, have it on order but they are saying about 2 weeks. Ill have lots of recipes to try when it does, and won’t be so tempted by those evil Halloween treats later in the month! Lol 🙂

        1. Really? That sucks! It happens with my favorite coconut milk all the time, to the point that as soon as it’s in, I buy more, even if I don’t need it yet haha.
          Good grief, it’s nearly Halloween already? GAH! I should come up with some not-so-bad-for-us treats!

    1. Thank you! They’re a little more subtle and definitely less sweet than the usual juice gummies I make, but I’m enjoying the change 🙂

    1. That is awesome! Since I had to give up coffee, I’ve been on a huge tea kick – it’s fun to find all the different flavors and possibilities!

  2. These look awesome. The only thing I might do differently is use straight dried hibiscus instead of the tea. I can pick up dried hibiscus at many of the Hispanic markets in the area.

    1. OOOOH, that sounds amazing! I’ve never come across it like that before. I would LOVE to see your version! And now I’m racking my brains trying to think of where I might be able to get to a market like that. I bet I could spend days in a place like that 🙂

    1. It absolutely does. The red / orange like in my links is the gelling kind: the green is designed NOT to gel at all!

  3. If you would rather not eat gummy candies,what is in the gelatin pills that we can purchase??? I am not a meat eater and have been really put off after finding out where gelatin comes from ,know that sounds crazy and at my age I should have known ,is there anything else I can use to gel the gummies for kids??

  4. I really want to try this recipe!! Will it make any difference to use Great Lakes Gelatin, Collagen Hydrolysate (Kosher) instead? It is unflavoured as is the one you’ve recommended, but I’ve heard the non-hydrolysate gelatin does have a flavour from people who buy it and take it as a supplement? I’m thinking with 2 hats…one for this type of recipe and one as a supplement in morning and evening. Thank you in advance!

    1. That collagen is designed NOT to gel, so it definitely will not work to make gummy candies like these. It’s designed to be stirred into drinks and similar without the gelatinous feel of normal gelatin, so that it can be taken as a supplement.

  5. Do you know if you could use fresh juice in replacment of the tea? Just to change it up for my two year old? He really loves apples so I as thinking I could juice some apples and make these. Making it with the tea today 🙂

  6. Quick q…I went to whole foods yesterday looking for this gelatin, but all they had was the Knox brand. Pretty sure that’s not the same, and am purchasing the gelatin you linked to from Amazon, but what’s the difference in the two?
    (Really looking forward to trying these and the sour watermelon gummies, btw!)

    1. The Knox brand will gel just the same as the Great Lakes brand. The reason I prefer to use the Great Lakes brand is because they derive their gelatin from only grass fed cattle – when I looked for information on how Knox produces their product, I couldn’t find any about how they source or make it. Using gelatin from grass fed cattle means that the animals have not been fed any GMOs, soy or grain products, which I personally try to avoid. Hope that helps! 🙂

  7. I made a variation of these with cherry berry tea, honey, and lemon and to me they taste like cola bottle candy! I’m addicted, thank you!!!

  8. I made this recipe but added 8 ozs. of extra tea. When I bloomed the gelatin too much liquid was used so I just added 4 ozs plus another4 ozs. of tea to the pan of warming liquid. Turned out great. Thanks for the recipe!!!!

  9. I just tried making these and the texture came a little rubberish. Should I put less/more gelatin in it for the next time? What do you think I did wrong to get such a rubber hard texture? Thanks!

  10. I’ve been drinking passion tea for 12 years. It is my favorite. I’m so excited to try it in a new way! Thanks

  11. I just made this recipe but substituted Langer Ginger carbonated water. ..gels nicely…cannot wait to taste

  12. Great recipe! Just wondering… Does the 1 3/4 cup of water need to be hot? I would expect tea could only seap with hot water.

      1. Ok sounds good! I’m making this with the Tazo brand flavor cinnamon apple or something like that! 🍎

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