Instant Pot Cuban Mojo Pulled Pork

This fragrant, cumin scented mojo pulled pork is juicy-tender, with a citrusy sauce that all comes together in a fraction of the time in the Instant Pot.

This mojo pulled pork recipe is one that is oh-so-simple on the surface… but actually took me two entire pork shoulders worth of testing, tweaking & development to truly nail. Yes, that’s 20 pounds of pork. For two people. In one week. There have been a lot of meat sweats around here lately. So why […]

Homemade Bone Broth: Instant Pot, Slow Cooker & Stove Top

Making your own homemade bone broth is easy and economical. Here's how to make it three ways: in your Instant Pot, slow cooker or on the stove top!

The great thing about making your own homemade bone broth is that it’s both easy and economical. Although you can go out and purchase soup bones from your grocery store or butcher, I almost always make my own with leftover bones from cuts that I’ve cooked for meals. I save everything from roast chicken carcasses […]

Sticky Honey Garlic Instant Pot Ribs

Instant Pot ribs are weeknight ribs! You don't have to wait 'til the weekend to enjoy these easy ribs with sticky honey garlic glaze from, hurrah!

I’m gonna whisper this one… honestly, I didn’t instantaneously fall in love with the Instant Pot like everyone else seemed to do. I know, I know. I really bought mine for one sole reason: making the whole experience of cooking up my own homemade broth quicker and less stinkier. So while I routinely used (and […]

Golden Milk Oatmeal with Orange & Spices

This Golden Milk Oatmeal from takes the classic turmeric-laced drink and turns it into a dairy & grain free breakfast, scented with orange & flecked with spices.

May I introduce you to my current breakfast obsession, Golden Milk Oatmeal? I love it for a few reasons, but mostly because it’s a great way to start my day with some hidden veggies, healthy fats and the antioxidant benefits of turmeric. But here’s a random fact about me: I really can’t stand drinking anything […]