Hearty Dairy Free Leek & Potato Soup

This healthy & hearty take on leek & potato soup skips the dairy & lets the flavors of the lightly roasted vegetables shine. Bonus: use up your holiday ham!

My mother cooked like she loved; not at all, or just for show. My father, however, brought a sense of irreverent frivolity to almost everything, which was true most of all in the kitchen. I wonder now if he ever really loved to cook, or if the few moments of actual joy sprinkled throughout the […]

Tomato-Less Tomato Soup with Crispy Herbed Croutons

If you can't tolerate nightshades but crave a bowl of classic tomato soup anyway... this tomato-less tomato soup from https://meatified.com will come to the rescue! This recipe has the tangy, rich flavors that you've been missing without tomatoes in your kitchen.

I know, Tomato-Less Tomato Soup sounds like I’m one mirage short of a hallucination, but once I became fixated on this idea, I just couldn’t give it up. While we’re buried in flu-and-eternal-winter-bugs season, the number one thing I really crave is tomato soup. I’m surely not alone in this, given how often I see […]

Roasted Butternut Apple Soup with Pomegranate Gremolata

This butternut apple soup from https://meatified.com is creamy without any dairy & topped with a crunchy tart pomegranate gremolata to add a touch of freshness to this fall favorite.

Butternut squash is definitely something I didn’t appreciate until I was a fully grown human with a kitchen of my own. Actually, that’s true of winter squash in general. It wasn’t something I’d ever seen as a child and fit firmly into the category of “healthy food my friend’s mom makes at her house” as […]