Comforting Split Pea Soup

There's nothing simpler or more comforting than this hearty, vegetable packed split pea soup. It's perfect weekend cooking.

While split pea soup is undoubtedly un-pretty, it has been one of the most-made meals in my winter kitchen. Without realizing it, so much of the last few years has been about finding tiny moments of comfort, wherever they might be found. Which is the flip side of the anxiety coin that has been grocery […]

Lemony Roasted Cauliflower Soup

This simple roasted cauliflower soup is flecked with roasty-toasty bits, seasoned with warm spices & brightened with lemon at the end.

After an accidentally lengthy break, this roasted cauliflower soup was the first thing I had photographed in a long time. It’s simple and comforting, the cauliflower flecked all over with roasty-toasty bits, the garlic cooked until sweet and soft, with a kiss of warm spices brightened by fresh lemon at the end. I wanted these […]

Hearty Dairy Free Leek & Potato Soup

This healthy & hearty take on leek & potato soup skips the dairy & lets the flavors of the lightly roasted vegetables shine. Bonus: use up your holiday ham!

My mother cooked like she loved; not at all, or just for show. My father, however, brought a sense of irreverent frivolity to almost everything, which was true most of all in the kitchen. I wonder now if he ever really loved to cook, or if the few moments of actual joy sprinkled throughout the […]

Tomato-Less Tomato Soup with Crispy Herbed Croutons

If you can't tolerate nightshades but crave a bowl of classic tomato soup anyway... this tomato-less tomato soup from will come to the rescue! This recipe has the tangy, rich flavors that you've been missing without tomatoes in your kitchen.

I know, Tomato-Less Tomato Soup sounds like I’m one mirage short of a hallucination, but once I became fixated on this idea, I just couldn’t give it up. While we’re buried in flu-and-eternal-winter-bugs season, the number one thing I really crave is tomato soup. I’m surely not alone in this, given how often I see […]