Plantain Pancakes with Mixed Berry Sauce

Pretty sure the universe doesn’t need another plantain pancakes recipe, but since I never do anything I’m told, anyway: here’s mine.

Plantain Pancakes with Mixed Berry Sauce from #paleo #glutenfree #vegetarian

In defense of this recipe, it’s actually pretty neat. There are a couple of simple tips and tricks I use to make these plantain pancakes less dense and dry compared to other recipes that use coconut flour. Combined, these little tweaks result in a fluffier plantain pancake that is easy to flip and handles toppings well. Hoorah!

How to Make Fluffier Plantain Pancakes

  • Use a room temperature egg: cold eggs are much more viscous than room temperature eggs, which means they are harder to combine in a batter and don’t whisk as well. Using a room temperature egg results in a smoother batter and some extra volume.
  • Sift the dry ingredients: coconut flour is pretty clumpy, so running it through a fine mesh sieve will remove lumps and help aerate the batter for better texture.
  • Add some arrowroot powder to your coconut flour: arrowroot powder is a starch and doesn’t contain any protein. This means that it works well to soften the texture of the pancakes and hold them together better than using coconut flour alone, which can be dry and crumbly in baked goods.
  • Include your own baking powder: combining baking soda and cream of tartar will give you a cornstarch free version of baking powder. This creates bubbles within the batter which, in turn, creates lighter, fluffier plantain pancakes.

PS – check your labels when it comes to buying baking soda. Some brands like this one are pure sodium bicarbonate (which is what you want). Other brands have sneaky cornstarch hiding in there, like this brand (which you don’t want).

Plantain Pancakes with Mixed Berry Sauce from #paleo #glutenfree #vegetarian

This recipe will make you about 8 mini (2 inch) plantain pancakes. And it would be super easy to eat them all in one sitting. I’m not about to be the great Denier Of Treats, but I don’t recommend eating these every day or even on their own. Split a stack with a buddy and add some extra protein to your breakfast – you’ll be fuller, more satisfied and be getting in some more nutrition. Mo’ nutrition, mo’ happiness!

PPS – if you want to make this 100% free of added sugar, skip the maple syrup in the sauce. Just throw the Mixed Berry Chia Jam into a mini food processor with a splash of water and blend it up to a pourable sauce. Done!


Plantain Pancakes with Mixed Berry Sauce

Here’s how to make lighter Plantain Pancakes that hold together nicely – without grains, added sugars or nasties. Top them off with a mixed berry sauce!

  • Author: Rachael Bryant / Meatified



For the pancakes:

For the sauce:


  1. MASH: Peel the plantain carefully and chop into chunks. Add to the bowl of a food processor and process until it has a mashed texture. Add the egg and coconut milk to the bowl, scrape down the sides and process until smooth.
  2. SIFT: Combine the coconut flour, arrowroot powder, cream of tartar, baking soda and cinnamon. Sift all the dry ingredients through a fine mesh sieve into the food processor bowl. Process until you have an evenly combined batter.
  3. COOK: Grease a large frying pan or skillet with some coconut oil over low-medium heat. When the pan is hot, scoop small pancakes using a 1/8 cup of batter at a time. Flatten the tops gently and cook until browned. Flip gently and cook through the second side. Repeat as needed until all the batter is used up.
  4. WARM: Make the Mixed Berry Sauce by combining the jam and maple syrup. Stir and warm through. Spoon over pancakes to serve.


Makes 8 2-inch pancakes.



  1. I’ve already scheduled to make these next weekend. I love warm mixed berries so much- I’m never without a huge frozen bag of them! Thanks for all the mo’ fluffy tips!

    1. Frozen berries are a lifesaver! I’m glad you left this comment, it’s reminded me that I want to tinker with making an egg free version of these if possible! 🙂

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