Mango Sorbet with Mint

So everyone has seen and made that 1 ingredient “Banana Ice Cream”, right?

Mango Sorbet with Mint - ready in about a minute! #paleo #glutenfree #autoimmunepaleo

This Mango Sorbet with Mint uses a similar method: it’s created by blending frozen chunks of mango into a sorbet with only a few other extra ingredients added. I chose to pair my Mango Sorbet with some fresh mint that I needed to use up and the result was spectacular!

Fresh mango can be expensive, but I made my Mango Sorbet with a brand of frozen mango I bought at Costco which cost about 12 bucks… for 5 lbs of fruit! The best part about that? It’s all fruit, so you don’t have to deal with mango skin or pits! You also don’t have to use any kind of ice cream maker to make this Mango Sorbet. Oh – AND you can have Mango Sorbet ready to eat in a minute or so! Hurrah!

Mango Sorbet with Mint - ready in about a minute! #paleo #glutenfree #autoimmunepaleo

If you like your Mango Sorbet a little firmer, put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes before eating. If you can wait that long. Not me!

A quick note: please, please make sure you have a powerful blender before making this! Whatever you use needs to be capable of crushing ice easily, or it will over tax your machine to crush the frozen mango. I used my Ninja, which has an additional blade for tasks like that.

You can omit the raw honey and mint extract in this Mango Sorbet with Mint if you want to.



Mango Sorbet with Mint

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Make this simple Mango Sorbet with Mint in about a minute – no ice cream maker needed. You’re only a few ingredients away from a healthy dessert!

  • Author: Rachael Bryant / Meatified


  • 3 cups frozen mango chunks
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 2 tbl lime juice (about 1 lime)
  • 2 sprigs fresh mint (about 12 leaves)
  • Optional: 2 tbl raw honey
  • Optional: few drops of mint extract


  1. COMBINE: Add all the ingredients to a powerful blender: it needs to be capable of crushing ice.
  2. PULSE: Use the blender’s pulse button until the chunks of mango have been broken up and crushed. (If you’re using a Ninja, like me, then make sure to add in the additional 2nd blade).
  3. BLEND: Scrape down the sides of the blender, then blend on high until the sorbet is evenly combined. Serve immediately!


Makes about 8 large scoops of sorbet.

You can omit the raw honey and mint extract if you want to.



  1. What I didnt get is, Its all liquidy when mixed in the blender so how did you get those scoops in the picture?

    1. Hi there – it shouldn’t end up as a liquid, just a whipped frozen texture. If the blender used isn’t powerful enough to process the frozen mango quickly, it’s possible that the blades would generate enough heat to melt the pureed frozen mango, though, which is why I added the notes about the blender / popping the mix in the freezer for 30 minutes or so if needed. Hope that helps a little!

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