Paleo 4th of July, Autoimmune Protocol Style

If you’re looking forward to having a Paleo 4th of July… but you also follow the Autoimmune Protocol, you might be a little worried about now.

How are you going to get your grill on, while avoiding processed food and weird looks from family members who don’t know what a nightshade is? Let me help you out! I’ve lined you up some Autoimmune Protocol friendly recipes that are perfect for whatever Paleo 4th of July gathering you’re hosting or attending. Which means that you don’t have to spend another day hovering over the wilted vegetable platter because you’re not sure what food is safe. You’re welcome!

Avocado Watermelon Bites from #paleo #autoimmunepaleo #glutenfree #whole30

Bite Size Things

Avocado Watermelon Bites from meatified

Bacon Wrapped Dried Plums with Rosemary Honey from Fresh Tart

Porkitos from Nom Nom Paleo topped with Mango Guacamole

Paleo 4th of July - Autoimmune Protocol friendly recipes from #paleo #glutenfree #autoimmunepaleo

Tasty Meats

Balsamic Beef & Fig Kabobs from Fed & Fit

BBQ Chicken and Sauce from AIP Lifestyle

Blackberry Glazed Grilled Pork Chops from PaleOMG

Garlic Thyme Liver Burgers from Simple & Merry

Paleo Glazed Chicken Wings from meatified

Pork Belly Carnitas from meatified

Pork Burgers with Onion Thyme Jam & Apples from AIP Lifestyle

Pineapple Mint & Lamb Kebabs from Autoimmune Paleo

Stuffed Bacon Guacamole Burger from meatified

50/50/50 Burgers from The Paleo Mom

Sauces and Flavor Makers

Carrot Ketchup from A Clean Plate

Cherry BBQ Sauce from Autoimmune Paleo

Easy Homemade Sauerkraut from Gutsy By Nature

Fermented Cucumber Relish from Salixisme

Garlic “Mayo” from Autoimmune Paleo

House Rub from The Paleo Mom

Italian Vinaigrette from Simply Healthy Home

Avocado with Strawberry Mint Salsa WB

Save Room For Sides!

Avocado with Strawberry Salsa from meatified {use radish in place of jalapeño}

Bacon Date Fennel Salad with Grilled Peaches from Savory Lotus

Coleslaw with Caper-Anchovy Dressing from Fresh Tart

Garlic Balsamic Grilled Butternut from The Clothes Make The Girl

German Sweet Potato Salad from AIP Lifestyle

Grilled Romaine with Preserved Lemons, Salt Capers & Bacon from AIP Lifestyle

Grilled Sweet Potato & Wilted Kale Salad from Tasty Yummies (skip the red pepper flakes)

Kohlrabi Salad with Apple Ginger Dressing from Stupid Easy Paleo

Mango Sorbet with Mint - ready in about a minute! #paleo #glutenfree #vegetarian #vegan #aip

Sweet Things

Coconut Raspberry “Cheesecake” from Autoimmune Paleo

Creamy Honeydew Popsicles from meatified

Mango Sorbet with Mint from meatified

Passion Fruit Panna Cotta from Stupid Easy Paleo

Roasted Strawberry Rhubarb Sorbet from Fresh Tart

Salted Caramel Ice Cream from AIP Lifestyle


Raspberry Mint Simple Syrup Mocktail from Fresh Tart

Watermelon Agua Fresca from Paleo Cupboard

15 Autoimmune Paleo Burger Recipes from #paleo #whole30 #autoimmunepaleo

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Paleo 4th of July - Autoimmune Protocol friendly recipes from #paleo #glutenfree #autoimmunepaleo

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