Ridiculous Potato Gratin

Potato Gratin

This recipe is doubly rare for this site. First off, it is decidedly un-Paleo, given that its two main ingredients are potatoes and an obscene amount of cream. That’s without even mentioning the gratuitous cheese topping. Secondly, it’s not really my recipe at all, but a slight adaptation of Nigella Lawson’s. That said, this is […]

Paleo BBQ Meatloaf

paleo bbq meatloaf

In our house, we sometimes refer to “THE MEATLOAF”. Yup, all in caps, just like that. And not like normal people would, either. We’re not hearkening back to the glory days of some alimentary perfection; no grandma’s recipe yet to be re-created, here. We’re actually referring back to my greatest culinary shame. You see, where […]